Wedding Locations in Costa RicaWedding Locations in Costa Rica

How to Choose Your Destination!

Dream wedding location Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

One of the first & most important decisions you will need to make is choosing your venues. There are exquisitely elegant locations as well as more typical Costa Rican "rancho-style" ones, and everything in between. We will discuss with you what your group's needs are and what options might suit you best.   We will also help you consider the pros and cons of what your wedding date offers in terms of weather, prices, availability, and many other aspects that will affect your wedding.  We will help you understand what will work best and allow for an unforgettable and enjoyable wedding in Costa Rica.

As for the weather, you can usually bet on sunshine along the Pacific coasts during what Costa Ricans refer to as the "summer" months- January, February, and March. During this time, the norm is blue skies all day, every day. The summer months are also the busiest, so planning an event here should begin as far in advance as possible. Beginning in April, afternoon showers are not unusual and from there on, you must always be prepared that it could indeed rain at some point in the afternoon. There is usually a "mini summer" around late July and early August, which means better chances of a rain free afternoon.  September through November usually bring the heaviest rains of the year on the Pacific Coast.

We recommend avoiding major national holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, and Easter Week. Prices will be significantly higher, and availability will be limited and with a longer minimum of nights required.  Additionally, wedding vendor services in general will be less flexible and available than normal.  Beaches will be packed, as well as airports, roads, restaurants, and tourist activities.  You and your guests will likely enjoy your trip more in an off-peak time of the year.

Costa Rica's geography is diverse and full of incredible plant and animal life. At 10 degrees north of the equator, Costa Rica shares borders with Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the south. Costa Rica offers over 800 miles of coast line, with warm tropical waters of both the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean. There are three active volcanoes, mountain ranges with peaks over 12,000 feet, tropical rainforests, and tropical deserts. The country holds only .01 of the world's landmass but has over 5% of the world's animal species in that area. Over 20% of the land in Costa Rica is protected under reserves in national parks located throughout the country. Costa Rica is truly a garden of Eden.

Costa Rica based much of the economy on tourism and is very friendly to foreigners. The county is a democratic republic and the only country in the world to have abolished its army. The people are friendly and the water is potable.

If you are adventurous and able to roll with the surprises Costa Rica has to offer, this is the destination for you. We will help you take care of all the details we can control, but there are still some things we cannot, like the weather, the roads, and the animals. It is not unlikely that you will have an iguana crash your beach ceremony, located down that bumpy road, to enjoy those brightly colored orchids they love to eat so much.  The monkeys or toucans may also decide to make an appearance.  If this sounds good to you, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your wedding!